Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resources


Through the Organ and Tissue Authority’s Community Awareness Grants Program, community projects received funding to conduct community education activities with culturally and linguistically diverse groups. As part of these grants projects, the following culturally-appropriate resources have been developed for Indigenous communities.

Donate life and give our people a second chance at life

This brochure was produced by DonateLife NSW in consultation with the Tweed Heads Aboriginal community to help increase understanding about organ and tissue donation and the need for family discussion. It contains stories by members of the local community including a transplant recipient and someone who had been on the waiting list for a kidney transplant but due to the development of complications, now has to endure a lifetime of ongoing dialysis.

Illustrated Flip Book

The 'Illustrated Flip Book' - produced by Kulunga Research Network, Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, explaining the organ and tissue donation process is available for use in educational sessions with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Thank you to Rose Murray, the Indigenous artist who designed and illustrated the flip book.

If you plan to use this booklet for educational purposes, it would be appreciated if you could contact Clair Scine from Kulunga Research Network at clairs@ichr.uwa.edu.au. The project team would like to keep a record of how the resource has been used and by which organisation, for research purposes.

Have you thought about donating your organs or tissue?

This resource was produced by Greater Eastern Primary Health for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in eastern Melbourne.

Supporting you to talk about how you want to be cared for at the end of your life.



This poster was produced by Perth North Metro Medicare Local and funded through a Community Awareness Grant from the Organ and Tissue Authority


Listen to the ‘A Yarn that Could Save a Life’ series.

These narrative-driven radio plays use Indigenous voices to address specific barriers that might prevent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people discussing and making decisions about organ and tissue donation. These radio plays were funded through a Community Awareness Grant from the Organ and Tissue Authority.  Produced by Queensland Remote Aboriginal Media.


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