DonateLife Network

DonateLife Network

The OTA manages the implementation of the national reform program through leadership of, and collaboration with, State and Territory Medical Directors, DonateLife Agencies (one in each state and territory) and hospital medical and nurse specialists in organ and tissue donation. These people and organisations comprise the DonateLife Network.

State and territory governments, through funding agreements with the OTA, deliver organ and tissue donation services in the public hospital sector and, where mutually agreed, in the private hospital sector, as part of the national reform program. States and territories use these funds to employ the DonateLife Network staff in accordance with a nationally consistent organ and tissue donation service delivery model. 

As at 30 September 2015, 261 DonateLife Network staff were employed in 149.19 full-time equivalents of Australian Government-funded positions in 78 hospitals with potential for organ and tissue donation and eight DonateLife Agencies across Australia. 

The roles and responsibilities of positions within the DonateLife Network are detailed within the DonateLife Network Roles and Responsibilities Guidelines (436 KB PDF) which has been agreed between the OTA, DonateLife State Medical Directors and state and territory health departments. It details the functions and deliverables expected of members of the DonateLife Network and is used to inform the development of position descriptions that are appropriate to the operating environment of each jurisdiction.

The DonateLife Network positions in each jurisdiction generally include:

State and Territory Medical Director of Organ and Tissue Donation (63 KB PDF)

Hospital-based clinical specialists in organ and tissue donation

DonateLife Agency staff


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