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A wonderful new life

By Nancy

I was diagnosed with a lung disease called lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), which only affects young women. It is a condition where the air sacs in my lung form cysts, which then rupture spontaneously. I ended up with a couple of pneumothorax earlier in my life while I was carrying my son at week 32 of my pregnancy. 

Carrying a chest tube in my pleural cavity for a month while pregnant was not any fun, but I suppose it's better than having an oxygen tube through the later part of my life. Prior to my lung transplant I had my first single lung transplant after waiting for nine months. My new lung lasted for seven years before I suffered from bronchiolitis of my transplanted lung and I had to go on the waiting list for a further one and a half years before another lung became available. 

It was just amazing to get that fresh air into my new lungs without having to gasp for air each time and no longer counting the days and minutes waiting for that phone call to bring hope.