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Welcome back Maz

My mum, Marion, received a double lung transplant in 2009 after many years of declining lung health and function. She almost did not make it; the gift of life came just in time from a very special donor and their brave family.

Humanity at its greatest and most selfless. How can we ever say thankyou? The Welcome 'back' Maz sign was created by mum's older brother, John, and erected on mum and dad's front lawn in anticipation of mum's return home after her transplant. He was hugely relieved to have his little sister 'back' - it was truly a family's journey as well.

The word 'back' is indicated as mum was literally coming 'back', not just returning home. Her health and her life had been restored. Mum spent 10 days in hospital post-transplant; quite a feat after such a major operation.

She walks with dad on the beach every morning, continues with her pilates classes, meets with friends and family regularly for lunch, travels interstate to visit her daughters and three grandchildren, gardens, cooks, knits and volunteers for DonateLife to help raise awareness regarding the important issue of organ donation.

She is well and truly 'back' - living, breathing, loving and giving back! Mum thanks her donor and their family everyday by living life well and with gratitude after receiving the greatest gift of all - the gift of life!