Sunday 19 November - A time to say Thanks

Statement from the Chair, Dr Mal Washer

This Sunday is DonateLife Thank You Day, a  time to say “thanks” to all donors and their families whose generous act saved the lives of many. A national day to acknowledge all Australians who make organ and tissue donation possible.

On behalf of the Board and staff of the Organ and Tissue Authority, I encourage all Australians to take a moment this week to think about the thousands of Australians whose lives are saved and transformed each year. Their lives are changed through the gift of a transplant because of the decisions people made in their life-time to become a donor, should the situation arise, and because their families supported their decision.

It is time for us all, as individuals and as a community, to discuss our willingness to donate with our family and to take the step of joining the Australian Organ Donor Register. The fact is the majority of Australians would be willing to receive a life-saving transplant to save their life or that of a loved one. Then surely we must be prepared to ourselves become a donor at the end of our life.

Thank You Day is especially a time to acknowledge the generosity of hundreds of families who each year agree to their loved one becoming an organ and tissue donor, at a time when they are faced with the unexpected and sudden death of their parent, partner, sibling or child. It is also a time to acknowledge the generosity of our living donors, willing to give the ultimate gift of a kidney and more rarely partial liver to a relative, close friend or sometimes a stranger.

Finally, it is a time to acknowledge the donation and transplantation specialists and other health professionals who are charged with the treatment and care of our donors, recipients and their families. Their compassion and commitment is appreciated and necessary in helping to normalise the topic of organ and tissue donation as a routine part of end of life decision-making.

We each have the potential to have our final act as one of the greatest forms of altruism. Saving and improving the lives of others through organ and tissue donation.

Thank you. #thankyouday #donatelife.







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