Under 16? Get involved!

So you support organ and tissue donation but you’re too young to join the Register?

You’re still a hero, and you can still help to save the lives of others by getting your message out there.

Join the #endthewait social media campaign to encourage others to join in and help those in need of a life-saving transplant!

One organ donor can save the lives of up to 10 people. Tissue donors can transform the lives of many more.

When you turn 16 you can join the Australian Organ Donor Register. Right now you can share your support for #endthewait.

Got a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account? Download and share an image below, together with your own message of support - please include our campaign hashtags - #endthewait #donatelife.  And remember if your message is set as a public post it will help spread the message further.  

Boy at computer social media post for DonateLife      Girl making heart symbol for DonateLife social media post

On Snapchat? Share your video message with your mates and ask them if they support organ and tissue donation. While you’re there, add us on Snapchat (DonateLifeToday)!

Have the chat

Does your family know what you think about organ and tissue donation? DonateLife Week is a great time to let them know, and to find out their donation decision. If your parents aren’t on the Register, ask them ‘what are you waiting for?’. Tell them they are never too old or unfit to join the Register!

If you’re not sure about how to start the conversation, get some tips from our How to have the discussion about organ and tissue donation guide.

Find out more

You might have some questions about organ and tissue donation. Check out our Discover to find out more about the subject.

Get your school involved!

If you’re in Victoria, Queensland or Western Australia check out the ‘Writing for Life’ competition! The School education section of our website also has some great resources for the classroom, together with information on 'Writing for Life'. Ask your teachers to get your class involved in a discussion about organ and tissue donation and how it saves and transforms lives.


We just want to say a BIG thank you for being our hero.

In 2016, 503 deceased organ donors and their families gave 1,447 Australians a new chance in life. Today 1,400 Australians are waiting for a transplant.

By supporting #endthewait, you are helping us increase the number of Australians who say YES to saving lives.



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