WA Writing for Life 2017

Writing for Life 2017

Right now in Australia, some 1300 people wait and wish for a second chance at life. Many will have their lives transformed by the precious gift of organ and tissue donation. Sadly, some will also die waiting.

The Writing for Life young writer’s micro-fiction competition was created to give a voice to vulnerable Western Australian’s who need our help. The competition’s aim was to inspire young teenagers to help us make a difference and that their creativity and passion will raise the level of conscious thinking about organ and tissue donation within their families and local communities across the state.

DonateLife WA invited students in years 7-12 enrolled in schools across Western Australia to use their creativity to raise awareness of this issue and put themselves in the running for both recognition and great prizes.

Twenty five schools participated in this year’s competition which also included mature aged students and students taking English as a Second Language (ESL) from Cyril Jackson Senior Campus.

Twenty seven students made it to the finals and the winners of the 2017 competition were announced at a prize-giving ceremony on Tuesday 14th November in front of teachers, family and friends at the City of Perth Library. The winners were announced by the Honourable Samantha Rowe, MLC, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education and Training and Member for East Metropolitan Region. Gift vouchers of $350 first prize, $100 second prize and $50 third prize, were awarded through the generous partnership with DonorMate who provided the $2000 prize pool.

Samantha Rowe

In the lead up to the National Thankyou Day on Sunday 19th November, over 100 guests at the ceremony heard from speaker Lizzie Ferguson;  a 15 year old liver transplant recipient from Perth, who underwent two liver transplants: One in 2011 and another in 2015 and has been so well now that she says her recovery has been “truly amazing”.

Liz Ferguson Claire McDonald

You can view the list of student Finalists here.


Winners 12-13yrs:

1st place: Henry Openshaw (Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School)…. “I wonder if?” 

Henry Opensahw

2nd place: Elizabeth Marsh (Presbyterian Ladies College - PLC) ….”Kookaburras” 

Elizabeth Marsh

3rd place: Jennifer Ngo (Warwick Senior High School) ….” I don’t want to leave”

Jenifer Ngo

Winners 14-15yrs:

1st place: Alana Dooley (Warwick Senior High School) ….”Already a winner”

Alana Dooley

2nd place: Eloisa Malet (Presbyterian Ladies College - PLC)… “Heartless” 

Eloisa Malet

3rd Place: Shenandoah Lee-Tauroa (Warwick Senior High School) ….” Unfading scars” 

No photo – could not attend the ceremony

Winners 16-17yrs:

1st place: Victoria Wong (Iona Presentation College)…”Sonata” 

Victoria Wong

2nd place: Chloe Walker (Warwick Senior High School) ….”Three second chances”

Chloe Walker

3rd Place: Alisa Kassam (Warwick Senior High School) …”One life” 

Alissa Kassam

Winners ESL/Mature aged:

1st place: Drhys Ranson (Cyril Jackson Senior Campus)…”Riding the waves”

Drhys Ranson

Brenda Alves Bezerra accepts on Drhys Ranson’s behalf

2nd place: Ian Brotherton (Cyril Jackson Senior Campus)…”Monday afternoon”

Ian Brotherton

3rd Place: Brenda Alves Bezerra (Cyril Jackson Senior Campus)…  “Alive”

Brenda Beerra

Other winners:

Warwick Senior High - The Most entries from any one school (87)

Warwick High School

Jenny Duggan and Nicole Temov – English Teacher, Warwick SHS

Merredin College - The Most entries from any regional school (28)

Merredin College

Jenny Duggan and Julie Tiller - Head of English, Merredin College

A big Thankyou to the Judges for 2017

WA Writing for Life 2017 Judges

Nadia King, Brigid Lowry and Sandi Parsons

Look out for next year’s WA competition which will be launched during DonateLife Week 2018 (Sunday 29 July – Sunday 5 August).

Thank you to all the teachers, students and principals who strongly supported this year’s competition.


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